How Often Do You Actually Have to Clean Your Carpet?

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One of the most common questions we get is, “How often do I need to clean my carpet?” As professional carpet cleaners, it’s in our best interest to tell you every week! But that’s not how we operate, and we want to give you an honest answer so you’ll know once and for all how often carpets need to be cleaned.

The answer isn’t so simple, and it depends on a few factors, so we’ll break it down for you.

How Often Do You Actually Have to Clean Your Carpet?

The bare minimum you need to have your carpet cleaned is every 18 months. This is generally to maintain the factory warranty on your carpet. Carpet manufacturers tend to put this stipulation into their warranties, so it’s best to keep the invoices you get after your carpet cleaning so you have proof should you ever need to file a claim.

Other Factors Impact How Often Carpets Should Be Cleaned

While maintaining the warranty is a legitimate reason to get your carpet cleaned, the real factors have more to do with who and how many people live in your home. If only adults live in the home, then the recommended cleaning schedule is every 12-18 months. Add children and/or pets into the mix and you should increase your cleaning frequency to every six months.

Can You Clean Your Carpets Too Much?

We’d like to debunk a carpet cleaning myth right now: no, you cannot clean your carpet too often. When properly done, cleaning your carpet does no harm whatsoever. In fact, we have clients with multiple large dogs who come to us for cleanings as often as every three months.

The Benefits of Keeping Up With Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet cleaned does more than just keep it looking great. In fact, if you begin to see dirt in common traffic lanes (hallways, stairs, entryways, etc.), you’ve waited too long and your carpet may have irreversible fiber damage. Cleaning may leave these areas cleaner, but those wear patterns are nearly impossible to eliminate when the carpet fibers are damaged.

It Also Makes Your Home Healthier

Did you know cleaning your carpet actually makes your home healthier? Your carpet acts like an air filtration system for your home. Everything (including dirt, dust, bacteria, etc.) that blows in or is tracked in on shoes, paws or clothing eventually settles into your carpet. Cleaning these allergens and dirt out of your carpet will actually make the air you breathe cleaner. If you feel like you’re dusting very often, it is likely that your carpet is the cause. We pull pounds and pounds of dirt, dust, dead skin and dust mites from carpets that look perfectly clean.

It Increases the Life of Your Carpet

Another important reason to frequently clean your carpet is to extend its life. Your carpet is a big investment, and once dirt and grime settle into the base of your carpet, they act like sandpaper on your carpet fibers. Each and every step you, your family or your pets take across the floor further rubs those particles into your carpet fibers, breaking them down little by little. This is why you always see carpet fuzz in your vacuum bag, and it’s why it is so important to get those carpet destroyers out of your house!

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Even if your carpet looks clean on the surface, remember that it’s what lies below that can pollute your air and ruin your carpet. To schedule your next carpet cleaning, contact SOS Cleaning and Restoration for a fair and honest quote today!