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Have Water Damage? Work With a Water Damage Specialist

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Water damage issues from flooding, pipe breaks, roof leaks, and foundation issues can cause expensive damage to your home. Most homeowners know that they need to get rid of the water quickly, but few understand the sort of specialist they need to contact. Do you call a plumber? A general contractor? Your insurance company? Should you just dry out the affected area and call it day?

Water Damage is Not a DIY Job

First off, when it comes to water damage, you definitely shouldn’t take on the tasks of drying and cleanup on your own. Water damage demands significant repairs because it can erode, warp, and break down everything it comes in contact with, not to mention cause mold growth. Damaged or deteriorated materials and furniture may need to be properly discarded. Draining water from the house is only the beginning and won’t clear away mold and bacteria, and simply drying and cleaning the area will not guarantee that mold has been prevented or removed.

Homeowners who choose to remove and cleanup water damage by themselves may be able to remove water that is visible to them, but water will usually soak into places you cannot see, leaving you with unseeable damage and other issues. Over time, undetected water damage can lead to mold growth and structural issues. Professional contractors know how to detect water and will do a full search before any cleanup or drying begins. Water extraction also uses specialized equipment, a dehumidifier is not enough to get the job done right.

Cleaning up after a flood is a challenging task. You will definitely need an expert if you want to make sure that you protect the health of your family and your house.

Who Should You Call?

For the best results, contact water damage restoration experts in your area. A water restoration expert will be able to provide many services:

  • Water removal
  • Wall, floor, and ceiling repair
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Cleaning and stain removal
  • Area rug and carpet cleaning and drying
  • Upholstery cleaning and drying

Be sure to pick professionals who are reputable and well-trained in water removal, damage restoration and cleanup, and mold treatment.

What About Insurance?

In cases with minimal water damage, it may be possible to deal with the situation without filing an insurance coverage claim (especially if the cost to fix them is less than your deductible). If the damage is more extensive, then you should look for a licensed contractor who has experience dealing with insurance companies.

You increase your chances of obtaining maximum compensation from your insurance provider if you use a professional water damage restoration contractor. This is because your water damage expert will have the all necessary information about the damage and will work with your insurance provider to assess the restoration costs.

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