What’s Different About Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Method? Good Question!

You no longer have to clean your tile and grout by getting on your knees with some kind of brush while fighting the stench of harsh chemical cleaners that don’t work. Why hurt your knees, dry out your skin and subject yourself to chemical cleaners when you can get sparkling clean tile and grout without the hassle?

Our tile cleaning service blasts away the dirt and grime on your tiles and even those pesky particles that hang out in your grout line. You’ll be amazed when you see the dirt disappear right before your eyes! You won’t have to wait either, you’ll see the difference with just the first few lines we clean.

tile and grout cleaning
tile and grout cleaning

Why Get Your Tile and Grout Cleaning From SOS?

You’ll get the tile & grout cleaning you deserve

We use non-bleach cleaners that don’t eat away at grout and tile

You’ll see a dramatic difference right away

You’ll see the color the grout line used to be

You’ll extend the life of your bathroom, kitchen and any other tiled surface in your home

What Happens if I don’t Have My Tile Cleaned?

The grout lines will remain soiled, even with repeated cleanings

Your grout and tiles will look aged and worn out

Bacteria will continue to grow and thrive in grout lines

It will reduce the lifespan of grout and tile

Why Put Up With Dirty Grout and Tile?

Even if you don’t think your tile looks that bad, or isn’t beyond help, we promise you’ll see the difference as soon as we begin cleaning. Our customers are always amazed at the amount of dirt and grime they never realized was on their bathroom and kitchen floors. We have a small and friendly staff of caring technicians who are ready to help you. Give our team a call today at (952) 847-3404 or send us an email to schedule your tile and grout cleaning appointment today. You’ll be glad you did.

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