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Cleaning Your Own Carpet Can Actually Make it Dirtier

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Some chores around the home can be easily accomplished by a nifty do-it-yourselfer. We can say with confidence that carpet cleaning is not one of them. We don’t say this because we are carpet cleaners seeking your business. We say this because we are carpet cleaners who have seen the results of carpets that have been cleaned by untrained homeowners for years.

Before our tenure in the carpet cleaning industry, we too thought it would be fine and dandy to rent a Rug Doctor and go to town. We went to either the grocery store or Home Depot, rented the machine, bought all the shampoo, spent a few hours pushing the machine back and forth across our carpet, ran back to get more shampoo because we ran out and then finally went back one more time to return the machine.  Our quick and easy DIY project snowballed into much more, as is often the case. The sad fact is that cleaning your carpets on your own can actually make them dirtier.

How is This Possible?

It all comes down to two things: the machine and the shampoo.

Do you know what the job of carpet cleaning shampoo is? It’s primary function is to attract dirt, and it does a great job of it. The problem arises when you combine a reliable carpet shampoo with machine that just can’t cut it. Machines like Rug Doctors, which have been used and rented countless times, do not have the capability to get all the shampoo out of your rug. They barely have the capability of giving your carpet the deep clean that it needs. When all that shampoo is left sitting in the rug after you are done “cleaning,” it will just attract more dirt in the days and weeks thereafter.

This is why your carpet looks even dirtier a few weeks after you complete a day of DIY carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners use powerful, commercial-quality carpet cleaning machines and sophisticated techniques that penetrate deep into carpets, leaving them cleaner, and getting every last sudd out of your carpet. There is no dirt, stains or residue left behind. All you are left with is a soft, fluffy and stay-clean carpets.

Still Think DIY is the Way to Go?

Just remember that your time is valuable and getting the job done will most likely take longer than you think. You have to move furniture, clean the carpets, let them dry and then move everything back. We use carpet cleaning machines that get the cleaning done quickly. We also setup air movers to help your carpet dry quicker.

Plus, by the time you’ve paid for everything, it likely wouldn’t be much more expensive to have hired a professional. Professional carpet cleaning is extremely affordable.

Most importantly, DIY rug cleaners just don’t remove most of what is lurking in your carpet.  Your carpet is your home’s air filtration system.  Everything that comes in on your feet or through the air lands in your carpet. Each step you take releases all the crud into the air.  Yuck, right? The vacuum on a rental units just aren’t strong enough to get the gunk out of your carpets.

Get cleaner carpets and save yourself a whole lot of time by scheduling your next carpet cleaning with SOS Cleaning and Restoration.